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Professor Pengelly's Putty - Super Stretchy Mallow White

£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99
Peace of mind: All our putties and slime products have been tested to the highest safety standards and are fully compliant with EU Toy safety levels.

So, Professor Pengelly’s experiment to create a marshmallow teapot didn’t really go according to plan. But, the melted goop that it created inspired him to create this marvellously mushy mallow white slime!

Able to stretch, bend, snap and squish, this sublime slime is amazing to bring some creative play to your day. It’s also amazing as a stress-reliever for adults, who can’t help but feel relaxed as they squish it between their fingers.

We can’t tell you exactly why slime is so satisfying to play with, but the 4 million snails in your garden can’t be wrong, can they? So, for slimy fun that’ll keep you entertained for ages, order your Professor Pengelly’s Slime in Super Stretchy Mallow White today!

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