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Professor Pengelly's Moulding Sand - Moon Dust Silver

Professor Pengelly's Moulding Sand - Moon Dust Silver

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99
When making this sand, Professor Pengelly did extensive research on the moon… that mostly consisted of scooping up moon dust from the doorstep of his lunar lab. That’s why this pack of Professor Pengelly’s moulding sand comes in a magical shade of moon dust silver!

This moulding sand is unlike anything you’ll find on the planet! With no added water (less mess!), this amazingly tactile sand can be shaped, moulded, sliced and diced. More mesmerising still, watch the fantastic shapes and textures it creates as it crumbles!

Perfect for encouraging children to play creatively, and for adults looking to relieve stress, Professor Pengelly’s moulding sand is suitable for all. So, if you’re a lunar-tic for cosmic sand, order your Professor Pengelly's Sand in Moon Dust Silver today!

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