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Professor Pengelly's Make Your Own Slime - Glitter Blue

Professor Pengelly's Make Your Own Slime - Glitter Blue

£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99
Peace of mind: All our putties and slime products have been tested to the highest safety standards and are fully compliant with EU Toy safety levels.

After exploring planets way outside of our solar system, Professor Pengelly often returns to Earth with some space slime stuck under his moonboots. And, he’s found that it just glimmers better than the stuff you get on our planet. So, to let the people of Earth enjoy some galactically glittery slime, he invented Professor Pengelly’s Slime in glitter blue!

This slime looks like it has the stars of the universe trapped inside it, thanks to the glitter pack that comes with the pack. ‘Comes with?’ you ask. Yep, this is a make-your-own-slime pack, which lets you recreate the experiments that Prof. P did to make this slime in the first place!

You get some clear glue, a catalyzer, a bottle of blue dye, a stirring stick, and a pack of galactic glitter! You’ll need to follow the instructions, but it’s basically a case of mixing it all together and then stirring in the space dust (that is, the glitter).

Once you’ve made the slime, go ahead and play with it. It can be squished, squashed, stretched, and snapped! But, it might stain fabrics and other surfaces, so be careful where you play with it, and, whatever you do, don’t eat it.

This slime is dazzling fun for kids, and it’s a brilliant stress-reliever for adults, too! So, whether you’re 8 or 800, get your Professor Pengelly’s Glitter Blue Make Your Own Slime kit today!

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