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KitchenCraft MasterClass Smart Space Portable Collapsible Pop-Out Bucket

  • Brand: MasterClass
  • Product Code: MCSPSBUCKET
  • Availability: In Stock
£12.95 Ex Tax: £12.95
When space is at a premium, the MasterClass Smart Space range has an ingenious solution- smart, practical pop-up kitchenware. This black and grey bucket fully collapses for quick, convenient storage under the sink, in the car boot or the kitchen cupboard, so you’re never faced with the problem of where to put it.

With a little pressure the flattened bucket will become three dimensional- and deceptively strong. The collapsible sides are made of durable, flexible silicone to make it easy to fold, whilst the polypropylene handle and rims give it some rigidity and support. Whether you’re washing the car, fishing or using it to carry things, you’ll be able to utilize the entirety of its generous 9 litre capacity without questioning its integrity.

Fantastically multipurpose, yet modest-looking, this collapsible bucket is not only an absolute essential for happy campers or motorhomes, but an indispensable tool for small flats, or family homes that are crying out for a little extra room.

Features & Benefits

Smart, understated grey and black colouring
Hard-wearing PP and durable flexi silicone
Fully collapsible
9 litre capacity
Pouring spout
Hanging Hole

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