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Twiddle Cube Children Toy Stress Relief ADHD 6 Side Fidget Cube - White / Black

  • Brand: Twiddle Cube
  • Product Code: 58864
  • Availability: In Stock
£9.99 £6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99
If you have looked on social media lately, chances are you have already seen these little cubes doing the rounds. The resolution to fiddling fingers and nervous fidgeters, the Twiddle Cubes are unusually addictive and strangely fun.

Each little Twiddle Cube has a plaything on each side for you to twiddle with whilst at your desk, on the train or in a class. The high quality desk toys are small enough to fit into any pocket or bag, yet fun enough to keep your wandering fingers entertained for hours. Choose between click, glide, flip, roll, spin and breathe or go wild and double time it! The choice is yours.

Click: five audible click buttons
Glide: wiggle and glide around the joystick
Flip: light switch style rocker switch to flick back and forth
Roll: roll-able ball and three individual rolling gears
Spin: rotating dial spins around and around
Breathe: worry stone inspired dipped mould perfect for rubbing

Not only can the Twiddle Cubes help boost concentration, but they are also helpful for reducing stress and anxiety too. With a colour to suit everyone, these little heroes are perfect for anyone who just can

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