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Air Shot Battery Operated Hovering Ball Shooting Game plus Blasters

  • Brand: Air Shot
  • Product Code: 55659
  • Availability: In Stock
£23.99 £18.99 Ex Tax: £18.99
For those of you wanting to practice the gentle art of shooting foam darts without resorting to live targets – either because the live targets are getting annoyed or the live targets are shooting back, and either can happen – this Air Shot game might be the perfect choice.

All you have to do is set up the target base and turn it on, and five styrofoam balls are suspended in mid-air. Once that’s ready, all you have to do is load the dart, pull back the slider, and unleash heck. Those poor styrofoam balls won’t know what’s hit ‘em. Just try not to accidentally hit anyone in the face and you’ll be fine.

Air Shot target base
2 x Blasters
6 x Foam darts
5 x Soft styrofoam balls

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