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Glass ReForm Recycled Wild Beer Bottle Short Tumbler Handcrafted - Red

Glass ReForm Recycled Wild Beer Bottle Short Tumbler Handcrafted - Red

  • Brand: Glass ReForm
  • Product Code: WBTU-RED
  • Availability: In Stock
£6.50 Ex Tax: £6.50
Established in 2008 and set on the rugged jurassic coastline of North Devon, Glass ReFORM is a company committed to its environment. We are proud to offer a cleaner, more modern alternative to the UK's remaining glass industry and since the first bottle was collected, washed and reformed, Glass ReFORM has gone from strength to strength to become the UK's No.1 glass company specialising in hand crafted recycled and upcycled glassware.

Eco Friendly

"Glass sent to landfill will take over a million years to decompose"

New 'life' can be given to any old or used glass container, the only restriction is imagination. Our mission is to simply use what we have already available around us and produce a product that is stylish, suitable as tableware with function and gives value.

Hand Crafted

Heat, sweat, skill and passion are united to create our glasses. Combining new and old techniques, we transform what once was discarded into everyday useable products.

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