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Brainstorm Toys Outdoor Adventure Childrens Archery Handbow Set

  • Brand: Brainstorm
  • Product Code: E2026
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
£18.99 Ex Tax: £18.99
The Outdoor Adventure range from Brainstorm Toys encourages kids to have fun outdoors. New to the range for 2014 is the fantastic handbow. Designed by archery experts, this unique handbow is a fun and safe starting point for budding enthusiasts. Lightweight and easy to use the handbow is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
It inspires an interest in the sport of archery and shoots suction darts over eight metres with incredible pin-point accuracy. Each handbow comes complete with three suction darts and includes a dart holder. Only shoots with supplied darts and darts available in spares pack.
Great for developing hand-eye coordination. The handbow measures 41 cm in length x 32 cm width and 16cm height. On the reverse of the box is a readymade target for you to cut out and use. Just position the target in your chosen location and aim straight for the bullseye!
Brainstorm Toys is a range of fun, educational and interactive products that brings together a host of fascinating items. The aim of the Brainstorm Toys brand is not only to entertain children but also to inspire them to learn more about their environment.
Box Contains: 1 x Handbow and 3 x suction darts
Product Dimensions: 42 x 19.6 x 4.6 cm

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