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Tobbie The Interactive Robot

  • Brand: The Source
  • Product Code: 71511
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
£28.99 Ex Tax: £28.99

Tobbie the coolest, six legged, intelligent and interactive robot. With different mode settings, Tobbie can follow or avoid objects. Put Tobbie in ‘Follow Me’ mode and he will follow any object or person that approaches him. Or, put Tobbie in ‘Explore’ mode and using his intelligent infrared auto detectors, Tobbie will avoid obstacles. Challenge Tobbie with mazes and obstacles, or just allow him to follow you. With fun sounds and light effects, Tobbie also develops and reacts with his own emotions and gestures, just like a pet. Tobbie is not just any robot, but an adorable and intelligent friend.


Blinking LED (4 modes)

IR sensor

Two interactive modes ‘Follow-me’ & ‘Explore’

Power Switch

Programmed IC

Battery AAA x 4 (not included)

Dual Gear Box

6 Legs Walking

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