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Stubai 100 mm Snack Knife, Stainless Steel - Silver/Brown, 28 x 13 x 13 cm

Stubai 100 mm Snack Knife, Stainless Steel - Silver/Brown, 28 x 13 x 13 cm

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The Stubai Valley has for centuries been a good ground for the metal processing. Since 1960, the cooperative network guarantees to forging under the name "Stubai tool industry" for quality. Mother of companies operating under the brand Stubai is the Stubai tool industry reg.Gen.m.b.H. 24 companies belong to this association. Each of these companies is a specialist in a specific product category. The cooperative, as a strong roof, maintains the brand name, is responsible for marketing, sales and logistics. From the Stubai tool industry two subsidiaries emerged: Stubai KSHB GmbH - Production, Stubai ZMV GmbH - Agency for Marketing and Sales. Environmental awareness is a major concern of our traditional cooperative. Not without reason, the Stubai tool industry reg.Gen.mbH is proud to carry the national coat of arms. Responsibly we bear this seal on many export markets and thus do not only represent our company but also our home. Today, Stubai as a brand is present in over 60 countries.

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