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Ring Of Fire After Curry Wipes

  • Brand: Dzine
  • Product Code: 860
  • Availability: In Stock
£5.49 Ex Tax: £5.49

We all know someone who likes to dabble in the world of the volcanic vindaloo...

...but the next day they will be running for the loo!

Thats where the 'Ring of Fire' soothing curry wipes come in particularly handy, you get 40 large moisturising wet wipes in a convienient resealable tube that will douse even the most savage after curry flames!

A great gift for those that like it HOT!

40 in a pack of Ring Of Fire After Curry Wipes

Made from purified water, aloe vera gel, vitamin E acetate, propylene, glycol, propylaparaben, methylparaben, PHMB, EDTA & aroma

Comes in an easy to use container which keeps wipes moist

Ideal gift for a spicy food nut

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