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10 in 1 Multi Tools Emergency Survival Camping Military Credit Card Knife

  • Brand: The Source
  • Product Code: TS0186
  • Availability: In Stock
£5.85 £2.49 Ex Tax: £2.49
The 10 in 1 Credit card Tool is a convenient adult accessory, it is a slim lightweight credit card shaped bottle opener, saw blade, screwdriver, knife, ruler, a direction ancillary indicator (water compass) and it fits perfectly into any wallet! This tool can be used with nuts and bolts and pulling nails out. The 10 in 1 Credit Card Tool prepares you for any mechanical mishaps or even when the usual bottle opener cannot be found.

Instructions for the Direction ancillary indicator – place the 10 in 1 Credit Card Multi-tool onto a flat surface. Add a couple of drops of water into the centre of the indicator, then, rub a paper clip, pin or any other small metal object through your hair or against a magnet. Place the now magnetized metal gently onto the water and it should slowly align north and south. Please note that the metal has to be small and light enough to float on the water.

Useful multi-tool
Easily fits into card holder
10 tools in one handy device
Tough stainless steel construction
Hole for lanyards and keyrings

Measures approx. 8cm x 6cm x 1cm
4 position wrench
Wing nut wrench
2 position wrench
Saw blade
Can opener
Flat head screwdriver
Bottle opener
Direction ancillary indicator

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