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Handmade Recycled Single Pint Kopparberg Cider Glass - Green

Handmade Recycled Single Pint Kopparberg Cider Glass - Green

  • Brand: Glass ReForm
  • Product Code: KOPPA-S
  • Availability: In Stock
£12.99 Ex Tax: £12.99
Upcycled Kopparberg Cider Bottle Glass.

We are proud to offer this Kopparberg Cider Bottle Glass celebrating one of the worlds leading cider drinks from the Swedish locality of the same name.

This contemporary Cider is available in many fruity flavours including the worlds most popular flavour, pear (please note flavours on packaging may vary).

Originally imported by the Greeks in 1997, it is now exported to more than 30 countries including here in the UK where it's prestigious reputation increases by the passing month.

Skilfully transformed from a used glass bottle, this Kopparberg glass is the result of ancient glass making techniques combined with modern, energy saving technologies.

Each glass is made from one bottle of Kopparberg and gift packaged in stylish recycled cardboard boxes, a perfect gift. 

The Kopparberg Cider Bottle Glass demonstrates all the qualities required for an eco-inspired and eco-derived product. 
Each bottle glass is created from an original used bottle and displays used original labels. 
Due to the nature of the paper labels, they will tolerate a mild hand wash but not a Dishwasher process. Minimal energy consumption for production. Retained original bottle branding for identification.

- 570ml capacity 
- Measures 180mm (h) x 80mm (rim dia)
- Pint Size. 
- Recycled FSC credited gift packaging.
- The 'Ultimate' in recycled glass giftware.
- Not Dishwasher Safe
- This is not a licensed product 

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