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Flashing LED Colour Change Party Wine Glass Fun Drinking Gift - Single Glass

  • Brand: Dzine
  • Product Code: 621
  • Availability: In Stock
£6.99 Ex Tax: £6.99

PLEASE NOTE: Listing is for 1 Glass Only

The downside of throwing a party is that guests can't always be relied upon to sparkle, so it's as well to have a flashy effect or two up your sleeve to avoid those conversational blackspots. If the chit-chat should falter, simply press the button on the base of your glass and it will come to life and create a real buzz of delight amongst your guests.

With seven rainbow colours to choose from, the style conscious will be relieved to learn that glass and contents are in no danger of clashing, while a multicoloured medley of illuminations produces a near pyrotechnic finale. So if you're into the low light party look, the room will be a awash with the glorious glow of these stunners.

The glasses also come into their own in the event of power cuts and are a cunning way to alert those wandering round with the bottles that you're ready for another.

Plastic glasses
Removable base
7 coloured lights which illuminate your drink: Red, green, blue, red -green, blue-green, pink-blue, red-green-blue and finally a multicolour extravaganza in motion!

Push button on base to activate
Dishwasher safe (unscrew base before washing)
Batteries included and replaceable
Wine Goblet: 19cm x 8cm

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