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12 in 1 DIY Solar Powered Hydraulic Robot Construction Kit Educational Toy

  • Brand: The Source
  • Product Code: 71510
  • Availability: In Stock
£23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

The 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic robot can be transformed into 12 different mechanical animals or machine robots. Models range from climbing monkey to a T-Rex, a running ostrich to a forklift and many more! With every model having its own unique mechanical moving feature, these adorable robots provide great interaction for all.

The 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Robot is designed to encourage and teach children on the benefits of alternative energy and the basic concepts of this technology. Solar energy and water powers the 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Robot meaning no batteries are required, as well as making it great for both indoor and outdoor use.

With the models featuring the key characteristics of the animals and machines, it makes for a great way to teach children in a fun and interactive way. The 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Robot also provides a great opportunity to use your imagination to build and create cool and new mechanical species!



Master & dog








Obstacle avoiding Rover



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